Five Ways to Amp Up Your Social Media Approach in 2021

Missy Young headshot

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Written by Missy Young | Social Media Director

If you’re like me, the pesky daily screen time summary notification on your phone crept into the double digits more times than you’d like to admit in 2020. The current state of our world has brought us online more than ever as we continue to seek ways to be connected in a socially distanced world. Because of this, social media should be a top priority for your marketing strategy. Below are five easy ways to amp up your social approach in 2021.

  1. Instagram Stickers Increase Performance by 83%

    In 2020, 60% of businesses used interactive elements in their Instagram stories – and stickers are a wonderful way to increase brand awareness and engagement with your audience. Data shows that videos perform 83% better when stickers are added to a story. Stickers can include elements like questions, polls, location and mentions – and these are just a few techniques to add to your social posts. In response to COVID-19, Instagram released the ‘Support Small Business’ sticker, which allows you to give shoutouts to businesses you love.
  2. TikTok Engagement Dominates All Social Networks

    Since its launch, TikTok has over 1 billion users and has been downloaded over 175 million times in the United States alone. The gold mine right now on TikTok is the algorithm. The engagement rate average of 17.5% is by far the best out of all the social platforms. For example, Jennifer Lopez posted the same video on Twitter and TikTok. The video on Twitter got 1.8 million views from her 45 million Twitter followers. Conversely, her video on TikTok got 165 million views from her 12 million TikTok followers. That is a 9,066% higher view rate on TikTok!
  3. Social Commerce on Track to Be Next Biggest eCommerce Trend

    With the introduction of Facebook Shops, Instagram shops, Instagram Guides and Pinterest shopping ads, social commerce is on track to become one of the biggest eCommerce trends in 2021. Cision predicts that social commerce will reach $604.5 billion by 2027, a 567% increase from the estimated $89.4 billion spent via social in 2020. Given that many brick and mortar businesses have pivoted to online in 2020, this is a crucial alternative for brands looking for new ways to sell to customers. Milk Bar Store Facebook
  4. Facebook Groups Connect Communities During Pandemic

    With people seeking new ways to stay connected while being distanced due to COVID-19, Facebook Groups have seen a significant increase in usage, with more than 1.8 billion people now using Facebook Groups every month. More brands are going to Facebook to set up private and public groups. With Facebook’s organic reach continuing to dwindle – in 2020 it was as low as 5.5% – Groups are a fantastic way to combat the algorithm. Create and Cultivate, a women’s networking platform, is a fitting example of how to build and engage a Facebook Group. They have over 18,000 group members in their private group and give first access to experiences as a perk of being a member. Create Cultivate Facebook group
  5. The Resurgence of Pinterest

    With many people stuck at home, Pinterest has had new life breathed into it. The use of the platform skyrocketed globally during the initial lockdowns of COVID-19, hitting its record weekend in April 2020. And with 90% of weekly users using Pinterest to help them make purchasing decisions, it should be a crucial part of your social strategy. Pinterest operates less as a social media platform and more of a search engine. Users tend to go there to search for a specific topic—and are shown pins that relate to that search. Think of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your Pinterest page like you would SEO for your website.

As we lean into 2021, we must continue to listen and engage our communities on social media. Whether it is utilizing trends like the ones listed above to make lives easier, inform and educate, or entertain, social media continues to keep our world connected.