ACT Forward: A Recap of Advanced Clean Transportation Expo 2023 

Act Expo 2023 recap

Written by Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

I recently had the chance to attend the 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo — what a show! The brands, the speakers, the technologies, the imagination, the excitement. I could go on and on. Just WOW. 

If you’re not familiar with it, this sustainability-advancing trade show was launched in 2011. Attendees at that original show numbered 1,100 and the speakers and brands were forward-thinking innovators, just as they are today.  

This expo has remained true to its roots for the past 12 years. Same purpose, but with a growing (actually, exploding) interest by transportation players, new and legacy alike. Last year’s show saw an attendance of 8,500; this year, that grew to 12,000 and even that’s expected to double in 2024. With numbers like that it’s hard to ignore the importance of clean transportation solutions for companies, for communities, for the world, and for each and every one of us. 

Past Meets Future 

While this show is about the future, there were also some surprising historical learnings to be had. One example: Did you know that the first electric automobile was invented in 1832? OK, there were some challenges — the battery wasn’t chargeable being a big one — but the vision was there. Convenience, a good use case and lowering dependency on oil. And it’s clear the players driving the transition to clean transportation have made substantial progress overcoming significant obstacles. Case in point, battery cost.  

According to that same article, Chevy introduced the Electrovaire II in 1966. The batteries for that car were $160,000…in 1966 dollars. Imagine. Truth: the car was never in production, but it was a step toward progress to get us where we are today. That’s what it takes. Persistence.  

Collaborating for Success 

We heard a lot about the need for collaboration of brands (even competitors) across the ecosystem to create the path to a real and environmentally sustainable transportation landscape that benefits all. Open minds and collaboration. Refreshing!                                               

In Good Company 

Several of broadhead’s clients were part of this show. It was especially exciting to see our work for RIZON — a new electric truck brand from Daimler Truck — come to life on the trade show floor. And at the booth across the way, Greenlane, a new zero-emission commercial vehicle charging network that we had a hand in naming. And, of course, it’s always rewarding to feel the impact of our work for Daimler Truck North America, from the debut of the Freightliner eM2 to the excitement that surrounded DTNA’s keynote Vision Video (it’s fun to have a hand in something so emotionally powerful).   

There’s no doubt that we walk alongside some amazing brands and together we will make a difference for the future of transportation and the world. Now that’s what I call something to be proud of.