Independent. Employee-owned. A full-service agency for the modern age.

Always in motion. Always exploring. Always evolving. Always believing that better can be bested. Since 2001.

For 20 years, we have helped clients innovate, collaborate and instigate creative ideas that have grown their businesses. We’ve grown with them. With more than 100 team members spread across every discipline, we have the horses to power a market. With deep category expertise, we have the confidence to offer courageous solutions. And with employee-owners, we embrace the challenge to do something greater for our clients every day.

Founded in 2001
Minnesota’s largest independent agency
Focused in farm, food and wellness


Dean Broadhead
Dean Broadhead CEO
Beth Burgy
Beth Burgy president + chief strategy officer
Jeff Novak
Jeff Novak chief financial officer
Maija Hoehn
Maija Hoehn svp, engagement
Alan Newbold
Alan Newbold svp, public relations
Steve Renier
Steve Renier svp, talent
Leigh Thiel
Leigh Thiel svp, client service
Walt Burns
Walt Burns vp, creative director
Wayne Carlson
Wayne Carlson vp, Brand Strategy
Debbie Christensen
Debbie Christensen vp, creative director
Emilie Hitch
Emilie Hitch vp, Applied Anthropologist
John Walker
John Walker vp, creative director

client experience

We act like we own the place, because we do.

broadhead is an employee-owned company, which means each day is an opportunity to maximize the value we bring to our clients, and by extension, to each other. It’s no secret that the agency business can change rapidly, and our ESOP model sets us up for lasting success by encouraging the consistent building of long-term share value.