June Social Scoop — The Reddit Blackout and AI Updates from all the Major Players

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Emily Rinde | Agency Communications Director

AI, AI, AI… If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of updates and articles you see each week around machine learning, chatbots and more — phew, same. But we got your back and we’ll give you the tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) version each month. In this update, you’ll see that everyone wants a piece of the AI pie. The question is no longer who’s doing it, but who’s doing it first.

Remember last month when we were like, ‘Yay, this doesn’t feel like Black Mirror!’?

JK to all that because Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that lets users choose between 30 (!!!) AI personalities they can interact with to help them write messages. Cue Miley Cyrus, “What does it mean!?” Well, since this is still a leak vs. legit, we’re not really sure. But Zuckerberg and Meta are clearly serious about the integration of bots into their products (and serious about coming after SnapChat’s AI growing chatbot offering — more on that below!).

What on earth is going on in the House of Commons (Reddit)?

You can’t throw a digital rock this week without hearing rumblings about Reddit —and the news is changing faster than I change my favorite Taylor Swift album (Lover at time of publishing). Here’s the five-second summary: Multiple subreddits are offline right now as users protest site API changes. The CEO tried to fix things with an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) thread, which ended up just making things worse. For the full, steaming hot cup of tea, head to PCWorld.

It kind of feels like Elon is desperate for us to remember Twitter exists.

Lots of news out of Mr. Musk lately even as newly appointed Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is off and running. Last week, Musk shared that content creators will soon be able to download email addresses of their subscribers (who opt in) so they can contact them off-platform. Will this be enough to entice brands and organizations back to the blue bird app? Time will tell.

This one goes out to the folks who love a good reverse image search.

TikTok is testing a new tool that allows users to search with a photo in the Shop tab — finding products or lookalike products they can purchase directly through the app. According to TikTok, 37% of users immediately purchased something they discovered through the platform. Comin’ for ya, Pinterest and Google.

OK, AI is everywhere but how are people using it? Snapchat tells all.

A few months ago, Snapchat launched its chatbot, My AI, and now they’re releasing stats on how it’s being used. With 150 million people using the tool, more than 10 billion messages have been sent — helping users brainstorm conversation starters, tips for projects and events, recommending travel destinations, restaurants and more. See the full rundown here. Have you used My AI?

I’ve always wanted Cher Horowitz’s Clueless closet.

Did I just age myself? In the stuff of elder millennial dreams, Google just announced an (you guessed it) AI-powered tool that improves the online shopping experience by letting shoppers try on clothing with digital models that represent unique body types. So it’s not exactly Cher’s digitized closet, but it’s certainly a step in that direction. BRB, gonna go test this and absolutely not spend any real money at all building out my summer wardrobe, no way.  

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