May Social Scoop – The Summer of AI + Reddit Leveling-Up its Search Engine Cred

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Emily Rinde | Agency Communications Director

Summer is here, folks. And if you’re like us, your attention span keeps shorting out (wait, is my boss reading this?) with the thought of an enticing patio or perhaps getting some dirt under your nails while planting an herb garden. Luckily, we’ve collected the latest news in the social media space for you — so you can be in the know and keep earning that farmer’s tan.

Finally, some AI news that doesn’t feel like a Black Mirror episode.

Because honestly, we can only take so much introspection about whether or not ChatGPT will take our jobs.

In a pretty cool announcement from Meta, the organization shared that advertisers will soon have access to an AI sandbox that will streamline A/B testing, visual creation and more in ads on Facebook and Instagram. Would you use a tool like this?

For the moments you’re at a loss for words, there are GIFs.

In a move that could either be really cool or really cluttered, Instagram announced that users will soon be able to post GIFs as comments on posts and Reels. I mean, there are some reactions that can only be represented with that monkey hand puppet shifty-eye GIF (you know the one). If you’ve read this far (hi, mom!), send us a DM on Instagram (@broadheadagency) with the first GIF you plan to drop in an IG comments section.

Redditors, we’re finally getting the recognition we deserve.

When you want the answer to something, there’s Google. When you want the *real* answer to something, there’s Reddit. Google’s new “Perspectives” filter will now pull in search results from Reddit, TikTok and other user-generated sources. The update includes an “About this author” feature to help searchers verify info before they click. If you ask us? It’s a smart update that sets Google up well to launch “Was this content generated by a human or AI?” functionality in the near future.

TikTok is using its power for good, for real.

OK, we’re big fans of this. TikTok is launching a new mental health awareness hub to help its users connect with organizations, articles, advocates and more — a great step forward for a company that’s under deep scrutiny, and in an industry that can so easily fuel harm. Head here for a deeper dive on the resources available in the portal when users tap the #MentalHealthAwareness hashtag.

For a lesson in capitalizing on an opportunity…

Instagram saw Twitter’s volatility and didn’t sit still for long. Rumors abound of a new app that features short, text-based posts on a timeline. Sounds familiar. Like, reeeaally familiar. Only time will tell if Instagram can pull users over from the little blue bird app, still beloved by so many, in a way that newcomers like Mastadon and Bluesky could not.

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