December & January in Food – The Flavor “Pink,” Climavores and More

December food trends

Written by Katie Volney | PR Director

This month from broadhead: dig into what’s now and what’s next in food and beverage, a recap of Winter Fancy Food, products we’re loving and more.

What’s Now & What’s Next

2022 packed its bags (and its butter boards), and 2023 arrived with plenty of its own food and beverage trends in tow (we reported on a few of those in November). This month, predictions continued to fly – from the convention halls of Sin City to newsrooms in NYC. Here’s what has tempted our tastebuds (or made us scratch our heads) as of late. 

Pretty in Pink (Food) 
That’s right, folks. Pink is no longer just a color, but a flavor. Our first clue should have been the hype in 2022 around the viral Pink Sauce on TikTok – and subsequent controversy – which underscored the importance of food safety and labeling (it’s since been resolved and you can try it, if you dare, at Walmart). Supermarket Perimeter reports that pink food options are on the rise, with ingredients like dragon fruit, hibiscus, and sriracha ranch. Some of the trending foods include pink pineapple, pink sea salt and pink-eyed peas (no, Fergie doesn’t front that band). It’s official: on Wednesdays, we eat pink.  

The Rise of the Climavore 
New diet lingo has entered the chat, with consumers tailoring their diets to fit their values regarding sustainability. Axios reports that labels like “climavore,” “climatarian,” and “reducetarian” reflect a desire to reduce climate “foodprints.” What does this mean for the industry? Lower-carbon eating choices, and not just when it comes to food miles, but also packaging, manufacturing and ingredient sourcing. Fresh Market reiterates this, stating that Climatarianism is “less defined by ingredients,” and more by “food choices based on climate impacts, practicing climate-conscious eating based on a series of dietary trade-offs intended to benefit the planet.”  

Booze or No Booze: Beverages for All 
The flexitarian approach to eating has extended to drinking, with more and more consumers, especially Gen Z, looking to expand their horizons with low- and no-alcohol options, as Pinterest reported in its 2023 “Pinterest Predicts” report (and don’t even get us started on the THC and CBD-infused beverage boom). While searches for “fancy non-alcoholic drinks” and “mocktail bar” increased drastically in 2022, more standard queries like “cocktail garnish ideas” and “creative cocktail presentation” also grew significantly – showing that the people want it all when it comes to their libations. Cheers! 

Winter Fancy Food 2023: Health, Comfort & Sustainability Reign

The Specialty Food Association’s annual trade show took place in Las Vegas earlier this month, and there was no shortage of things to see (and eat). Check out the recap from SFA’s Trendspotters Panel here, including the latest innovations in hemp, dates, snacking and more. 

Food for Thought: What We’re Reading 

We wanted to share with you a few of the headlines and stories that have piqued our interest and made us think this month. Grab a glass of (NA) wine, cozy up and enjoy these reads!

“Fresh Take: What 2023 Has in Store for the Food Industry” – Chloe Sorvino, Forbes | January 20, 2023

“Fake Meat Was Supposed to Save the World. It Became Just Another Fad” – Deena Shanker, Bloomberg | January 18, 2023

Products We’re Loving This Month

Our food and beverage team is always on the hunt for new products to try – whether new to shelves or just new to us. Here were some of our favorites this month:

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