September Social Media Trends: TikTok Shop and LinkedIn’s New Library

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Anna Romain | Social Media Coordinator

Ah, behold the glorious arrival of fall. It heralds the triumphant return of our cherished seasonal rituals: Football Sundays for the armchair athletes, pumpkin spice lattes concoctions, Instagram-worthy photo sessions amidst the apple orchards, and, of course, the grand unveiling of the hottest social media updates.

Say goodbye to window shopping and hello to scroll shopping.

First up, TikTok has just unveiled its TikTok Shop in the U.S.! Swipe, tap and shop your way through the latest trends, all while watching your favorite videos. Genius, right? With features like a dedicated shop tab, live video shopping, and affiliate programs for creators, this move taps into the booming trend of social commerce, making it easier than ever to turn virtual window shopping into actual purchases. Creators can now earn commissions for sponsored content, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Get ready to network like a boss.

LinkedIn is also stepping up its game with the introduction of a Branded Content Library, offering a treasure trove of killer content ideas for marketers and content creators. And influencers? They’re not just for Instagram anymore. This update more greatly signifies that LinkedIn is now embracing influencer campaigns, providing brands with the opportunity to expand their reach and network like never before. This update opens exciting possibilities up for all brands to dive into the world of influencer marketing on the platform.

Did your favorite track make the cut? Time to find out.

Meanwhile, TikTok is making waves in the music industry by partnering with Billboard to launch a Top 50 Song Chart. This chart will showcase the most popular songs on TikTok, highlighting the platform’s significant influence on music trends. It’s a viral ride that music enthusiasts won’t want to miss, as it reflects the impact of viral trends on the music charts, allowing users to easily discover trending songs and artists. Read more about it here!

From likes to insights: unpacking the top social media trends from 2023.

Shifting gears, a recent Sprout Social Index – 2023 Report reveals some key insights into consumer behavior and brand strategies on social media.

  • Notably, over the past two years, 53% of consumers have increased their social media usage, emphasizing the need for authentic content that promotes transparency in business practices and values.
  • Brands that prioritize customer support and provide personalized and timely responses are appreciated by 76% of consumers.
  • Additionally, consumers follow brands on social media for various reasons, including staying informed about new products/services (68%), accessing deals/promotions (46%), and enjoying entertaining content (45%). However, many consumers feel that brands should do more to deliver authentic, non-promotional content, transparency about business practices and values, information about product sourcing, and educational content.

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