March Social Scoop: LinkedIn’s Improved Visuals, New Features from Meta, and More

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Emily Rinde | Agency Communications Director

There’s a little something for everyone in this month’s social scoop, from a more aesthetically pleasing LinkedIn to Messenger’s integration back into the Facebook app (finally) and more. Read on for the latest and greatest from the world of social.

LinkedIn adds new visual display elements on user profiles, scheduling tools for newsletters

Looking to add a little pizzazz to your LinkedIn profile? Coming soon, LinkedIn will be offering more ways to integrate visual elements into your profile — with activity status showing videos, photos and articles in an eye-catching format. And, a bonus update for social media managers: you can now schedule newsletters to send at the best time for your audience.

Get ready to level-up your LinkedIn.

Meta adds new features for Facebook Reels, including longer clips and Memories integration

Facebook parent company, Meta, has added a few new updates to Reels, including an expanded length limit (up to 90 seconds), Memories integration, the ability to auto-synch videos to the beat of selected music, and create videos from trending templates. What will you do with an extra 30 seconds of video time?

Creating video content is becoming easier than ever.

Fighting climate doom with the Garbage Queen, Alaina Wood

How’s that for a nickname? Alaina Wood, a climate communicator and sustainability scientist — aka, the Garbage Queen — is out to make the world a better and greener place. Instead of sharing what is wrong with the world, the Garbage Queen aims to share the positive news around the climate crisis and empower her followers to take action. We love to see it.

How viral videos are changing the climate convo.

Reddit adds a new watch feature

In 2022, several updates were made to the Reddit community, and there’s no stopping the platform, with more updates planned in 2023. In its 18th year, Reddit is updating how people discover, join, and contribute to communities, including the ability to search within post comments, new read and watch feeds, and a decluttered interface.

Three cheers for an optimized Reddit experience.

Facebook plans to reintegrate messenger into the FB app

Can we get a collective “Finally!”? You’ll no longer be prompted to open a separate app to access and send messages through Facebook. In a report from Facebook head Tom Alison, he shares how AI is being integrated into the app, including recommendations of Reels, public groups, and content, as well as emerging creators who may be of interest. With all the changes coming to the app, will you use it more frequently?

Here’s everything that’s coming to the social giant.

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