Marketing to Move Your Logistics Audiences 

transportation and logistics

Chris Mattingly | Associate Director of Strategy

At the heart of many of our clients’ operations (and the operations of their end customers), lies the complex world of commercial transportation, supply chain management and logistics.  

In this increasingly complicated world of moving commerce, communication is more important than ever, and we strive to be great at it.  

As in any industry, the key to unlocking the potential of marketing efforts relies on crafting messages that resonate with key audiences and speak to their unique needs and pain points.  

Here are some things we help you consider as we tailor marketing messages that move critical stakeholders in the business of making the world move: 

Understanding the vast impact of logistics.
From suppliers and distributors to manufacturers and end consumers — everything, and everyone, matters. From essential workers on the ground to executives in the C-suite, communication around stability, transparency and predictability is necessary as it is critical to productivity and success. 

Authentically promoting solutions to address pain points.
While industry challenges are always abundant, your audiences want to know the potential of your products and services to resolve issues quickly, increase efficiency, and support a positive worker experience. By empathizing with the challenges of this fast-paced environment and delivering messaging about real solutions, we can help you provide better value to your end customer.  

Communicating where offers align with customer values and goals.
Values and goals in sustainability, innovation, safety and efficiency are important to your audiences — and knowing how your company and solutions helps them reach their goals matters. Showcasing cutting-edge technologies or measurable impacts on the environment can help you connect with the priorities of the people you need to in the hectic and busy ecosystem of the supply chain. 

In the dynamic world of logistics, effective communication and messaging is critical to help products and services stand out. Contact us to get started.