My Burger

Building a bolder burger brand

Creating a spirited, playful environment for a hyper-local restaurant

Today’s customers want something different. A unique experience. Something new and unexpected. An encounter that’s share-worthy. My Burger delivers, giving local regulars a sense of ownership at “their” My Burger, while treating new visitors to an element of discovery with a uniquely customized experience specific to each location. 

My Burger interior shot.
My burger interior shot.

Playful wall graphics draw inspiration from iconic neighborhood sights and nods to local history — things that make each location its own special place.  

My Burger branding graphics.
My Burger Packaging Graphics

The whimsical graphic approach, irreverent tone and bold palette come into play at every brand touch point, from the burger box, tissue and cups to gift cards and swag — even branded exterior murals and the food truck.  

My Burger interior shot.

My Burger is thriving with nine locations across Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods, and plans for continued expansion.  

My Burger diners eating hamburgers.
Overhead shot of My Burger food on a table.
My Burger
Building a bolder burger brand
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