The Power of We

You’re never alone when you have The Power of We

Founded in 1921, Wilbur-Ellis is one of largest agriculture companies in the U.S., with expertise in agribusiness, specialty chemicals, ingredients and feed. Because of its size and diverse offerings, customers often didn’t realize the true scope of the company.

They sought a partner to fix that perception and tapped broadhead to create awareness around the power of partnering with Wilbur-Ellis.

The foundation for how Wilbur-Ellis does business is right in its initials: W.E. It’s a partnership. Teamwork. Solving challenges together. So, in 2020, we brought the Wilbur-Ellis story to life by launching ‘The Power of We’ campaign — a brand story that shows how Wilbur-Ellis is the people, the product and the solution for farmers’ agronomic needs.

Power of We Wilbur Ellis
Wilbur Ellis case study computer screen mockup.

We built on the campaign during a second phase, creating content around Wilbur-Ellis’s expertise within emerging issues like sustainability, water management, soil health, profitability and resistance management. Content included original articles, quotes, interviews and more.   

Wilbur Ellis case study

To put this content into consumers’ hands, broadhead transformed the Wilbur-Ellis website into a customer-first, action-oriented website. The new site leads with core issues growers are facing, provides products as solutions and has search functionality that allows you to find what you are looking for by product type, geography, crop or core need.  

With Wilbur-Ellis’s subject matter experts across all owned, earned and paid channels, the brand is able to meet farmers at any point in their customer journey.

The Power of We
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