The Unfair Advantage

Leading safety innovation with Freightliner

Freightliner has always been at an advantage when it comes to fuel efficiency, but with growing competition, they needed to make buyers aware of their edge when it came to safety, technology and connectivity. We came together to showcase Freightliner as The Unfair Advantage — optimal performance from each and every truck.

Freightliner fuel efficiency ad

Changing perspectives

Running a highway fleet profitably can come down to saving pennies per mile. When you drive millions of miles, those pennies add up. It’s imperative to keep trucks on the road longer and avoid downtime and expensive repairs.

Challenging assumptions 

Photographed from unexpected vantage points to separate our message from the competition, we showcased Freightliner as the manufacturer doing whatever it takes to keep businesses – and the economy – rolling.

Freightliner safety ad

The campaign was widely praised across Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) for reinforcing Freightliner’s leadership voice and position in the marketplace. The first ad in the campaign won an Ad Impact Award from Transport Topics for achieving outstanding readership response, scoring a 90 compared to the category average of 60.

The Unfair Advantage
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