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Real client work, real projects, real experience.

broadhead internships

Sure, the job description says “intern,” but rest assured you’ll be doing real work for real clients and be treated as a valuable member of the broadhead team from the get-go. Take a glance (and maybe even a hard look) at what we have to offer and what you might bring to the table, as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

Data Science Intern

First and foremost, you are curious. You wonder things like, ‘What was it that drove all those video views on our client’s website yesterday, especially since our media spend was down? Why did site traffic decline last week when our new creative campaign had just launched? Is there any sort of pattern to the client’s sales results that we can to better understand the target customer?’

What you’ll do:

  • Work within a host of marketing-oriented datasets to distill website click data, organic search results, social media engagement figures and display advertising spend
  • Research a wide variety of data that may have nothing to do with actual marketing, e.g., weather data, stock prices and the Ag Economy Barometer
  • Analyze and organize these sundry data streams so that we can better identify the patterns and trends otherwise latent within them
  • Determine the sort of work that lets us forecast today’s outcomes based on what happened yesterday, and allows us to build models that better project what could happen tomorrow
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Traits for success:

  • We’re not looking for developers outright but having an understanding of how to code will do wonders for analysts in the marketing industry. From proper implementation of tracking code snippets on websites to scraping third-party sites and building scalable models, code is integral to marketing analyses. That means having experience with R, SQL and/or Python will be a plus.
  • We’re not looking for creatives outright, but a good analyst will be able to provide a clear point-of-view about how different ad messages are performing.
  • We’re not looking for media planners per se, but a good analyst will be able to provide a clear POV about how different media channels and sources are performing.
  • Finally, we’re not looking for someone whose sole previous experience has been in the advertising or marketing industry. Demonstrate that your background and skills address the above, and we’d love to talk with you!
broadhead Account Intern

You’ll be an integral part of the team from the outset, attending meetings, tackling work assignments, managing multiple timelines, etc. All the things needed to be successful in the industry will be right in front of you — including a top-tier support system ready to answer any and all questions you may have at any time.

How to Apply

You’ve got options. Choose one prompt from each of the below categories and answer in whatever medium you see fit: written, visual, video, audio, storyboard, multimedia, etc.

Tell Us About Yourself

Tell us five things we wouldn’t know about you (these could be fun facts; deep, dark secrets; or anything in between).

If you weren’t going into this field, what would you be doing?

Show Us What You Got

Tell us about an ad or campaign that you think missed the mark. How could it be improved?

Identify a current industry trend and discuss how you think it might evolve over the next five years, how its evolution will impact our business and what opportunities or challenges could arise over time.

Questions, comments, concerns, cupcake recipes? Contact us!