Minnesota Pork Board

Meat of the North

Land of 10,000 lakes? More like land of 3,000 pig-farming families.

When the Minnesota Pork Board tapped broadhead to drive pork consumption, we took a two-fold approach to connect the dots between farm and table with a “Meat of the North” documentary and a series of #PorkPlease videos.

Minnesota Pork Board campaign image with branded cutting board, cheese and pasta
Minnesota Pork Board campaign recipe image of rosemary pork chop
Minnesota Pork Board campaign recipe image of BBQ pork mac and cheese
Minnesota Pork Board campaign recipe image of gnocchi bolognese

The integrated campaign, including short, social recipe videos (that garnered an engagement rate 64% higher than industry average) and a documentary about Minnesota’s pork industry, aimed to highlight the real lives of pig producers and inspire consumers with new ways to cook with pork.

Minnesota Pork Board campaign behind-the-scenes image of people at a picnic shelter
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Meat of the North
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