about broadhead

When Dean Broadhead founded his agency in 2001, he wanted to create the best agriculture marketing agency in the nation. We're well on our way. We now execute strategies and tactics across all marketing disciplines within not only the agriculture industry, but also government, the environment, food and livestock. We understand what our clients want, and we know how to connect them with their customers to increase sales and gain greater shelf space. We listen, study and engage as we take a proactive approach to everything we do to help our clients be as successful as possible.

Most of all, we continue to surround ourselves with passionate people. We are a company of nearly 100 talented, passionate, connected individuals. We are confident. We are ambitious. We fight tirelessly for what we believe in. And we work best with organizations of a similar mind-set.

Together, we create great brands that inspire.


Our diverse team of diggers, thinkers, writers, designers and developers
provides a full array of services to help inspire connections between urban and rural:

  • Advertising
  • Brand strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Design
  • Digital + mobile
  • Media planning + buying
  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Video shooting + editing
  • Web development


broadhead is part of a privately held holding group called b+co, built to provide focused solutions to solve business challenges. Our other partner offerings include:

Clutch+ is a customized consulting and training firm focused on the agribusiness and food industries and helping clients solve problems through a versatile network of industry-focused, situation-specific experts.

Rabbit utilizes a unique left- and right-brained approach to help clients acquire, retain and grow their customer base through human understanding, research, data and technology, strategic thinking and experience design.

Granite Growth provides a foundation for entrepreneurial and operational excellence by helping to start and develop best-in-breed, highly specialized marketing and business service organizations. Our focus is on products and services in the foundational areas of customer intelligence, human behavior, learning and development, market research and business consulting.

Clutch+ brings a practical view to business consulting, leveraging market understanding and its versatile network of industry-focused, situation-specific advisors to deliver better business solutions to clients. Learn more.

Rabbit utilizes a unique left- and right-brained approach to help clients acquire, retain and grow their customer base through human understanding, research, strategic thinking and experience design. Learn more.


Dean Broadhead

Chief Executive Officer
Beth Burgy

Agency Partner | President broadhead
Pam Mariutto

Vice President | Executive Creative Director
Kiersten Schroeder

Senior Vice President | Director, Public Relations
Maija Hoehn

Vice President | Director of Engagement
Clifford Owen

Vice President | Account Director
Leigh Thiel

Senior Vice President | Director, Client Services
Marie Jacobsen

Vice President | Customer Connections | Partner, Rabbit
Scott Nichols

Vice President | Account Director
Emilie Hitch

Vice President | Planning + Insights | Partner, Rabbit
Wayne Carlson

Director, Insights and Intelligence, Rabbit
John Walker

Creative Director
Kristi Zwach

Director of Human Resources
Jeff Novak

Chief Financial Officer
Chris Strohmeyer

Vice President | Director, Creative Services
Ryan Krumwiede

Vice President | Account Director

broadhead is a GSA small business government contractor with experience working with several government agencies, including GSA, USDA APHIS, USDA Rural Development and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Contact Tom DiBacco - Washington D.C. • Contract Number: GS-07F-0457U