The Unfair Advantage


Brand Activation

The Unfair Advantage

After years of being the market leader for Class 8 highway trucks, Freightliner was well-known for being a good business decision. They’d long had an advantage when it came to fuel efficiency, but that field had narrowed. Buyers now needed a lot more to stay ahead of their competition. Fortunately, Freightliner also had advantages when it came to safety, to technology and to connectivity. The challenge was making buyers aware of all the things Freightliner could do for their fleets.

Running a highway fleet profitably can come down to saving pennies per mile. Because when you drive millions of miles, those pennies add up. But it comes down to more than fuel efficiency. It’s keeping trucks on the road longer. It’s avoiding downtime and expensive repairs. It’s getting the optimal performance from each and every truck. That’s where Freightliner wins. They’re leading the way in all the areas businesses need to give them an edge. Freightliner leaned on our years of consultative expertise, and working together, we developed the position of Freightliner as The Unfair Advantage. Our creative visionaries understood our client’s needs to convey that message to their audience and solved the problem by creating a campaign that showcased the unfair advantages that Freightliner offers. Photographed from unexpected vantage points to separate our message from the competition, the unique perspectives of the campaign intrigued our audience to hear our message that Freightliner is the manufacturer doing whatever it takes to keep businesses – and the economy – rolling.

Our goal is always to elevate the brand experience and create work that’s talked about. The campaign was widely respected and praised across DTNA for reinforcing Freightliner’s leadership voice and position in the marketplace. The first ad in the campaign won an Ad Impact Award from Transport Topics for achieving outstanding readership response, scoring a 90 compared to the category average of 60 – an excellent start for a campaign that is still being introduced.