Take a dip!

Good Foods Group

Brand Activation

Take a dip!

How do you get more people eating guacamole in the dead of winter? You give them the ‘Gift of Guac,’ and invite them to share with friends and family – that’s how! And that’s exactly what broadhead and Good Foods Group did for guacamole-loving customers during the holiday season. The festive social campaign spanned organic and paid channels, driving to participating retail partners and encouraging guacamole recipe personalization through influencer channels.

The ‘Gift of Guac’ was the first in a series of seasonal social promotions and activations designed to drive repeat in-store and online purchase of Good Foods Group guacamoles, plant-based quesos, dips and salsas. A New Year’s campaign encouraged individuals to elevate their snacking game, while a Cinco de Mayo campaign invited them to enjoy bigger than life flavors heading into the summer months.

Each seasonal promotion strategically integrated paid and organic social, eye-catching creative animations, visually appealing influencer collaborations and product-focused broadcast TV segments to create a surround-sound of coverage and attention for the brand. The result? Increased sales and engagement that outperformed brand expectations and exceeded marketing objectives.

Through multi-channel promotional communications, Good Foods Group sales did anything but dip
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