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Proving the superior performance of biodiesel by handing it over to some seriously tough critics.

Minnesota was the first in the nation to pass a mandate that required biodiesel, a fuel derived from soybean oil, to be blended into all diesel fuel sold. The current impact of using biodiesel blends is equivalent to removing 128,000 vehicles from the road each year. With an increase to a 20 percent biodiesel blend (B20), the impact would increase to removing 201,000 vehicles annually. To make the increase happen, Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council asked us to help drum up support for B20.

The biggest obstacle would be convincing diesel users that B20 works hard and runs clean in any diesel engine. So, we turned the misconception on its head, and our brand driver became “Biodiesel. Minnesota Tough.” To drive the positioning home, we connected the toughest diesel users with the biggest platform we could think of: the guys from the Discovery Channel’s “Diesel Brothers.”

How did we get people to stop and listen? broadhead leveraged the celebrity and brand image of the Diesel Brothers, aka the DieselSellerz, through paid media, paid social, media relations and events to increase engagement with Minnesota soybean farmers and to gain support for the B20 increase. With this strategy, each time someone took the pledge to support higher blends of biodiesel, that pledge doubled as a sweepstakes entry for the chance to win a meet-and-greet with the DieselSellerz. In addition to the events and promotion, the DieselSellerz built Minnesota Soybean a custom biodiesel-burning truck.

Mean Tweets
Mean Tweets
Mean Tweets

Did we do it? Through all biodiesel promotions with the DieselSellerz, more than 580 people pledged their support, and over 26,100,000 impressions were attained. Most importantly, the move to B20 became a reality for Minnesota.

26m impressions through all biodiesel promotions

“Mean Tweets” earned over 151,000 Twitter impressions with 32% engagement rate 

 custom-built biodiesel truck as the featured two Discovery Channel’s “Diesel Brothers”