Since farmers aren’t too interested in talking about tires, we decided to talk about farming.

When we had the opportunity to reinvigorate an iconic ag brand like Firestone tires, we thought long and hard about what farmers want and, even more so, what they don’t want. Our research told us that farmers don’t want to think about tires. If you are thinking about your tires while in the field, you have a problem.

With this insight as our guiding light, we shifted messaging away from talking about Firestone products first, and started to focus on the kinds of farmers who use Firestone Ag. We repositioned the brand as one that understands how farmers farm to the extreme. And when a tire blowout stops work for hours, the entire season’s success is at risk. This is where Firestone makes the difference. Because when farmers Farm Hard, they need a tire that will Farm Hard with them.

Pack a Sandwich

So, how are we doing? With the combination of the new branding, sales revamp and multichannel touchpoint campaign, farmer perception of Firestone Ag has improved significantly.


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