Take Bold Action Before 2020 Fades Away

Leigh Thiel

Onward is an exclusive content series authored by broadhead’s thought leaders, highlighting their unique perspectives on adapting, adjusting and pushing forward.

Written by Leigh Thiel | SVP, Client Service

We’re all experiencing challenges this year in business, life and culture but it’s how we’re reacting to those challenges that will define our brands and business for years to come. 2020 is a watershed moment – an unprecedented opportunity for brands to claim a space that will be uniquely theirs for years to come – if you’re willing to take Bold Action.

What does Bold Action mean?

Bold Action means dismissing the norms of yesterday to thrive tomorrow. You must question why you have always done something a certain way, and you have to ask if that rule is still relevant today.

Bold Action means confronting what you know is true but have swept under the rug because the time hasn’t been right. And it means knowing that this is the time to act.

With that, are any of the following statements relatable to your business?

  1. “That tradeshow has been a money pit for ages. Everyone says we can’t stop doing it…but the time and focus we spend on it…the money we spend on it…could we drive more business if we did something different?”
  2. “Our team structure is not working. We’ve patched it over the years, trying to make it better. But it’s complicated, inefficient and it’s not enabling business. Changes are needed to be more customer-focused.”
  3. “Our planning process is antiquated. It takes six months to plan for a year. What if we planned in smaller teams on a quarterly basis? Focused on developing more small bets? If we did this over the next 20 months, could we turn the business around faster?”
  4. “We have talked for years about lead generation and the importance of the sales funnel but haven’t done anything substantial about it. If we doubled down on investing in website content and calls-to-action, social media and paid search, could the net we’re casting be more targeted and drive more qualified leads to our website? Once they are on our website, can we convert them faster, changing the trajectory of the bottom line?”

There is no time like 2020 to take Bold Action to drive real change and set your business up for the long term. But it takes courage. It means making decisions and seeing them through the gauntlet of obstacles and detractors that believe things will return to what they once were. The truth is that there is no return to what was; only the promise of what will be. The customer experience has changed. Be sure you do, too. Now’s the time.