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It can be said that presentation is everything, and to reinvigorate the sWheat Scoop brand this year, we focused on just that. From updated packaging designs and sales support materials to a full website remake and updated digital presence, sWheat Scoop is a fresh face in the natural–cat litter category.

After customer segmentation and research, we identified the sWheat Scoop audience as natural-minded Millennials who want to do right by the planet and their pets, and willingly pay a premium for that.

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Tackling the digital realm, we increased website engagement with updated, educational content. We grew the sWheat Scoop Facebook community by 22 percent this year with a boost in social media campaigns and creative content. Producing a variety of videos and DIY projects, as well as establishing a presence on Instagram, sWheat Scoop further connected with its digitally savvy, natural-minded audience.

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Strategically positioning sWheat Scoop in the natural–cat litter category, we launched a "green footprint" campaign with a series of pre-roll videos. With almost two million views in the first months of its launch, this green campaign elicited a positive response from our audience. With the tagline "It's only natural," we playfully reminded our customers that just like a cat's instincts, sWheat Scoop also is "only natural."

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These three words began a bigger conversation that we are continuing to grow into the future.

sWheat Scoop continues to extend its outreach with key partnerships that align the company's core values with those of its target audience. Contributions from our resident veterinarian, Dr. Justine Lee, have boosted our educational outreach.

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Organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, an animal sanctuary with a huge social media presence and following, including young celebrities, have added valuable community connections for our customers. With a sWheat new look and partnerships, sWheat Scoop continues to naturally show how this is a cat litter that's better for cats, people and the planet.

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