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The Minnesota Pork Board has been faced with heightened levels of consumer interest in food origin and had the opportunity to correct misinformation in the marketplace. So broadhead worked with the board to create the Pig3D program, designed to engage "urban foodie" influencers across the Twin Cities with pork farmers to talk about the range of issues surrounding pig farming.

We created a local event called Pig + A Pint, where we could facilitate an active conversation — both offline and online — between these influencers and pork farmers over an all-pork meal at one of the hottest restaurants in town. We also wanted to drive more online conversations, which we did through a hosted Twitter chat with a local Minneapolis influencer who was known for being a foodie about town with a large social media following. (He was also the emcee at the event.)


The evening included a trivia contest pairing farmers and foodies, selfie competitions and lots of lively discussion. In the end, our hashtag trended No. 2 on Twitter for the night and into the next day, reaching nearly 1.5 million users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Twitter chat drew more than 1.5 million impressions and 518 tweets. And more importantly, we set up six farm tours with our influencers, continuing our Pig3D commitment to telling all sides of the story when it comes to pork production.