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For more than 150 years, Moyer Beef has been delivering fresh USDA prime, choice and Angus beef to consumers in the northeastern United States. When asked to help broaden awareness and increase purchase intent, we got to the heart of what makes Moyer Beef special — and we took an improv actor along for the ride.

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Meet "Caitlin from the City," who played the part of an urban consumer wanting to know where her meat comes from. A 15-part video series with Caitlin and Moyer Beef producers gave urban dwellers a reason to believe. We uncovered that "fresh and local" make this beef a trusted brand, and those who produce it care about the food they're placing on consumers' tables as much as their own.

Through a new website, social engagement, influencer marketing and an in-store point-of-purchase system, we're continuing to share what makes Moyer Beef worth every bite.

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