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The agriculture industry complex has been talking about feeding a growing planet for decades. With broadhead's guidance, The Mosaic Company took that conversation to the farm, and through The Pursuit of 300 program, we tilted the discussion toward the real-farm decisions being made to push the corn yield ceiling toward 300 bushels per acre.

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The digital hub of the wholly integrated campaign was, a site dedicated to the high-yield-corn conversation. From regular blogs to journal entries by the program's six participants, we created an impactful place for interested parties to learn more about the innovative thinking needed to truly change what is possible in corn growing. By doing so, The Mosaic Company led a conversation about high yields rooted in reality, and was elevated to its rightful position as a thought leader. Not a bad place from which to watch the yield needle move.

You can't bring the conversation to the farm, without actually talking to farmers. Through the 2013 Pursuit Farm Tour, the country learned first-hand the unexpurgated stories of six farmers who dedicated 100 acres to learning how to raise 300-bushel corn in a sustainable, profitable fashion.