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When the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) needed help drumming up support for a 20 percent blended fuel derived from soybean oil, "B20," we were eager to join the fight. The current impact of using biodiesel blends in terms of taking vehicles off the road is equal to removing 128,000 vehicles each year. With the increase to B20, the impact would increase to removing 201,000 vehicles annually.

We knew the biggest obstacle would be convincing diesel users that B20 works hard and runs clean in any diesel engine. So, we turned the misconception that it doesn't on its head, and our brand driver became Biodiesel. Minnesota Tough. To leverage that position, we contacted the toughest diesel users with the biggest platform we could think of: the guys from Discovery's "Diesel Brothers."

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The DieselSellerz capture the target audience of Minnesota soybean farmers, while having an aligned interest in clean air, environmental responsibility and "rough and tough" equipment. The partnership with the DieselSellerz results in continued engagement, excitement and motivation to take action for biodiesel.

We leveraged the celebrity and brand image of the DieselSellerz through paid media, paid social, media relations and events to increase engagement with Minnesota soybean farmers and to support the B20 increase. With this strategy, each time someone took the pledge to support higher blends of biodiesel, that pledge doubled as a sweepstakes entry for the change to win a meet-and-greet with the DieselSellerz.

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The DieselSellerz amplified the Biodiesel. Minnesota Tough. campaign by attending events with Minnesota Soybean, building a custom biodiesel-burning truck, participating in promotions to help deliver key biodiesel messages and facts in their own style. Through all biodiesel promotions with the DieselSellerz, more than 580 pledges were captured and over 26,100,000 million impressions attained.

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