See broadhead at the Summit

Two of our fearless leaders have distilled decades of advertising experience into nine actionable tips for achieving a long, successful career. Maija Hoehn, our VP of Engagement, and Leigh Thiel, our SVP, Director of Client Service, will be speaking at the Student Ad Summit on February 10. They will be leading Breakout Session I from 9:05 – 9:50. Yes, that's early, but Maija is our VP of Engagement for a reason.

Speaking of engagement, Maija and Leigh will be expecting some back, so come prepared with questions. This is your opportunity to ask them anything. What can you do to stand out? How do they approach hiring? Why is white suddenly inappropriate after Labor Day? Be sure to say "hi" after.

Following the networking portion of the Student Ad Summit, we will be having a tour of our agency, starting at 4pm. We just finished some construction and we need admirers. Oh, and it used to be a parking ramp. We know what you're thinking: Yes, we park in a parking ramp, and then we come to work in a (former) parking ramp. You won't want to miss this.

Last, but not least, we are looking for six fresh faces to road-trip around our agency this summer. Find the full details at starting February 10th.