Buff Farmer Hero

To help an all-natural cat litter to make some noise in a cluttered market, we created two dreamy characters that would make cat lovers swoon. We targeted sWheat Scoop's® millennial audience with a handsome wheat farmer and his best pal, Mittens the kitten, and made these two the center of sWheat Scoop's launch of premium+, the newest addition to its line of cat litter.

A series of YouTube pre-roll videos shared on Facebook, Instagram and Mashable had us right in the center of our cat-loving millennials' digital path. By increasing engagement with paid social ads, we were able to exceed one million impressions in the first month of the launch of premium+. Continued efforts across multiple mediums proved that this dreamy wheat farmer and Mittens the kitten were just what these cat lovers were craving.

Used at trade shows, in newsletters and in print, this campaign continues to demonstrate its success across multiple mediums. Countless engagements from fans have proven that sWheat Scoop, its dreamy wheat farmer and Mittens the kitten really are the purrrfect combination.

sWheatScoop 4c-copy