WORK CAN 01 640

Commodity = common. That was the premise of the problem facing the Canola Council of Canada, tasked with raising awareness among dairy nutritionists about the benefits of feeding canola meal to dairy cattle. Playing with advanced superlative-ity, broadhead created a campaign that demanded attention where previously none had been given. Simply put, it was Canolamazing.

We wrapped a centrally located staircase at an important trade show with this graphic depicting how canola puts 'more protein where it counts' -- in the cow's rumen.


broadhead employees visit a lot of farms. And we've yet to find a single producer who purchases a product simply because he or she liked the advertisement. On actual farms, with growers facing actual issues, investments need to pencil out. This simple Canola Meal Calculator lets the producer see how real numbers might have a real impact on the operation.