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Historically viewed as a stoic and beautiful animal, a horse's appearance as well as performance can suffer if the signs of their ailments are not properly identified. The Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmetica, Inc. (BIVI) Equine division tasked us with giving both veterinarians and horse owners a tool to help them quickly identify the signs of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) within their horses. To raise awareness and help promote Prascend,® currently the only FDA-approved treatment for PPID on the market, BIVI came to us for help.

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Several different signs can indicate if a horse is suffering from this degenerative disease. Unfortunately, the signs of PPID typically go unnoticed, so the BIVI Equine sales force needed resources to help them talk to their clients about PPID, identify signs of the disease, and show them how to best treat it.

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To do this, we created a website that demonstrates the early and advanced signs of PPID. idppid.com allows users to identify the signs of the disease by revealing photographs and helpful data, giving veterinarians and horse owners the information they need to help support their ailing horses.

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As a result of sales team meetings and promotions as well as banner ads to drive traffic to idppid.com, this interactive tool has become the No. 1 driver to prascend.com. Giving veterinarians and horse owners the tools they needed to identify the signs of PPID and help transform otherwise suffering horses into healthy ones is a 'before-and-after' we proudly identify with.

To try it out, click here.

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