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Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. faced one of broadhead's favorite challenges. After an acquisition significantly increased the scope of the company's product offering, BIVI became an undefined house of brands overnight. The company needed to identify differentiation, and communicate the virtues of their product depth. BIVI needed a story.

broadhead helped BIVI discover what sets it apart: a striking commitment to animal disease prevention – specifically vaccines. broadhead worked closely with BIVI stakeholders to craft a position from which BIVI could tell its story in a way that made sense to the industry. That story is "Prevention Works" – a platform that not only underscored BIVI's commitment to keeping animals healthy, but also created a consultative discussion point with customers.

The creative approach struck a chord with an audience affected profoundly by the advent of specific human vaccines. By spotlighting the history of polio decline in the United States, broadhead inserted a human element into the story, allowing BIVI to make a relatable case for its belief that prevention is the first step towards health.

BIVI's "Prevention Works" program has evolved – serving today as more than a communications platform. It is equal parts internal rallying cry and value proposition. Modus operandi and brand promise. BIVI says "Prevention Works" in every way it can.